15 Reasons to Date a Real Estate Agent

Whether your real estate agent requires you out — and not only observe a jewel of a home that has been available on the market for some time — provide him/her the possibility and say yes.

Here are 15 reasons why you should date a real estate agent:

1. Per popular Family’s Phil Dunphy, “Every realtor is simply a ninja with a blazer.”

2. Realtors are good negotiators.

3. They don’t stop easily. (He won’t quit effortlessly for you, sometimes.)

4. Realtors tend to be comfortable with having measured chances, according to fee to cover their bills.

5. Crave self-confidence in a date? Real estate agents believe their skills to market properties and close deals for clients.

6. She actually is a matchmaker: Real estate agents assist customers’ hopes for owning a home come true by pairing what they are able to afford in what they need.

7. He probably does not live in his parents’ cellar.

8. For realtors, charm is over skin-deep. They are able to see the prospective in a residential property that other individuals cannot.

9. Real estate agents tend to be self-motivated, driven to succeed in a painful field of work.

10. Real estate agents are obtainable. They deliberately make by themselves open to their customers — and, in all probability, to their considerable others.

11. No 9-to-5 here. If you’re also a freelancer, an agent’s non-traditional schedule might attract you. Sure, she may be busy tomorrow night, but she may additionally be able to move a weekday brunch.

12. Real estate professionals tend to be wise — and good at mathematics. They truly are constantly updating classes and intentionally finding out more about their unique business in addition to neighborhoods they sell in.

13. Cannot handle awkwardness? Realtors depend on their unique folks skills to survive economically. Invite a realtor to a dinner party, and he/she brings the actual charm.

14. An effective realtor is actually discerning. She or he knows when to promote home so when to hold on to it.

15. You will learn more about the area. Date a real estate agent, and you will get an education in thriving areas, up-and-coming locations to view, zoning laws and gentrification.



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